ABCON® Additives

Additives that stops leakage from seals both in outwards and inwards directions.

We supply the full range of 12 different ABCON® additives for fuels and oils, including additives to stop leaking stern tube seals, thrusters and deck hydraulic equipment. Unlike other products ABCON® is added at only 10% of system volume and reacts directly with the seal ring material to swell it and form a Teflon seal to prevent further leakage. The long chain Teflon particles mesh together to form a net / plug at point of leakage.

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    Expert advice

    We provide advice on use of the full range of ABCON® additives.

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    Full-range treaments

    Wide range of applications including stern tube seals, thrusters and hydraulic equipment.

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    Long lasting

    Reacts directly with seal ring material to form a Teflon seal.