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AtZ sign agreement with Wågene PurifinerTechnology – the experts in oil conditioning filtration


AtZ Marine Technologies have today announced the signing of an agreement to officially represent Wågene Purifiner Technology within the United Kingdom and Ireland.Wagene UK distributor

Wågene, the experts in oil conditioning technology, have since 1999, offered oil purification units for hydraulic and other lubricating oils and fuels into the shipping and offshore markets, delivering more than 3,000 units to marine operators, which includes the supply of over 100 cruise ships and 400 offshore vessels. Not just suited to marine, the technology also lends itself perfectly to both the construction and mining, and industrial power plants industries.

The innovative technology of the Wågene, Purifiner units delivers significant breakdown and maintenance cost savings, which are achieved by cleaning up to 600 litres of oil per day per filter.

Research has shown that up to 80% of hydraulic failures are due to contaminated oil, and as many as 40% can be due to water within the oil. The Wågene filter removes both particulates and water simultaneously, including from emulsion.

By using a 100% cotton filter the Purifiner by-pass filter is able to absorb all particles and contaminants down to the 1-3 micron range. For water removal, the unit has an evaporation chamber that removes water from the oil down to 0.01% (100 ppm). With continuous use, the user can achieve a higher quality of oil than if it were new.

The technology is proven to work with all types of oil, ranging from common mineral oil to synthetic and EAL oil with a viscosity of 32 to 320 centistokes.

EAL’s (environmentally acceptable lubricants) are commonly used within the shipping industry, and are environmentally biodegradable lubricants that can be sensitive to water and used specifically for their ability to prevent damage to the environment should a leak allow oil to leave the system. The Purifiner units have been tested extensively and delivered proven results in the removal of water from EAL as well as mineral oils.

The partnership between Wågene and AtZ Marine Technologies, further expands the support AtZ offer its customers. Introducing a pioneering product to their portfolio that not only delivers a dramatically increased quality of oil, but increases the life expectancy of equipment, whilst reducing operating costs and aiding environmental sustainability.

The full Wågene Purifiner Oil Cleaner portfolio is available via AtZ within the United Kingdom and Ireland. For further details, please email: sales@atzmartec.com

About AtZ:

AtZ are experts in marine engineering and offer a full consultative service to multiple aspects of above and below the waterline components. With a comprehensive product portfolio and an excellent service and repair capability, AtZ have been serving the marine, power generation and petrochemical sectors since 1998. Boasting not only industry-leading technology, the skillset and knowledge of AtZ has been gained with over 50 years’ operating within the marine sector.

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