Oil Management Instrumentation

We supply a wide range of lube oil management instrumentation and testing equipment.

We supply a wide range of lube oil temperature monitors that provide more accurate measurement than traditional oil mist detectors. Our Oil testing equipment / reagents is completely safe for air transport.

Our range of test equipment includes:

  • Water in Oil (digital and analogue testers)
  • BN
  • Salt
  • Viscosity Testing (Digital) Falling Ball Principal
  • Viscosity with inbuilt heating for fuels and lubricants
  • Density for fuels and lubricants
  • Fuel compatibility & Stability Testing
  • PMCC Flash Point Tester
  • Potable Water Test Cases
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    Full engineering Support

    Our engineers can advise and recommend cost effective solutions to save you time and money.

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    24/7 Service

    Whatever the problem our engineers are available to analyse and solve your instrumentation and oil testing problems.

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    Customer Support

    Full back office support to offer remote service for troubleshooting.