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Right from the start, AEGIR-Marine knew what they wanted: to offer outstanding service to ship managers. Since the business was started, AEGIR has built up an excellent reputation in the marine industry.

Aegir Marine

AEGIR is a full-service provider for stern seal and propulsion service, offering service and spares suitable for all major propulsion systems.

Since their first unit, the technology has been developed, and for marine applications, they offer a certified 15-ppm Bilge-Alarm to IMO-Resolution MEPC.107(49) regulations.

AEGIR is a professional, experienced, flexible and customer-focused organisation. As a manufacturer, AEGIR-Marine focuses on propulsion parts. Specialism is its strength. Brand independent, AEGIR produce spares suitable for all major propulsion systems. It is in their DNA to excel and deliver industry-leading seals and spares, ensuing they score high marks in independent tests.

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