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Based on 35 years’ experience in continuous Oil-in-Water Monitoring DECKMA HAMBURG GmbH have gained recognition for their technology worldwide. Their aim?  To continue developing products of outstanding quality and provide a customer orientated service, world-wide.

Following demands for better measuring techniques, in 1996  DECKMA HAMBURG GmbH took traditional solutions and created a new development the “OMD-7 Industrial Monitor” capable of distinguishing between the different characteristics of Oil particles, Solids particles and Water Turbidity continuously.

Since their first unit, the technology has been developed, and for marine applications, they offer a certified 15-ppm Bilge-Alarm to IMO-Resolution MEPC.107(49) regulations.

DECKMA HAMBURG GmbH has sold and manufacturing oil-in-water monitors for over 55,0000 marine and industrial applications.

As the official UK supplier of Deckma oil-in-water monitors, we support our customers to ensure their vessels are fully legislation compliant with units certified as 15-ppm Bilge-Alarm according to IMO-Resolution MEPC.107(49).

We offer new units, calibration and repair, service exchange units and industry-leading service contracts as part of our dedicated service to our customers.



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