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Based in the UK, Wave International designs and manufactures a complete range of marine filtration systems. Their mission is that their products are fitted to as many vessels as possible to reduce the amount of pollution caused by water discharged overboard.

Wavestream oil from bilge filter systems uses a unique filter material that removes all trace oils and keeps bilge water within legal limits during bilge pumping operation. Their Wavestream range is designed to suit all marine bilge applications and is supplied worldwide.

Established in 2000 after developing innovative filtering techniques and technologies that could play a huge role in reducing pollution contributed by the marine industry Wavestream, their flagship range, was developed and brought into production, and the first bilge filter to achieve Lloyds Type Approval.

Today, Wave International produces a complete range of innovative filtration systems that provide a solution to a whole range of marine challenges, also removing microplastics and microfibres that are found in bilge and greywater.

Ongoing research and development is a vital part of their business. A significant portion of Wave International’s mission is to produce new, innovative and environmental products for the marine and offshore sectors. Wave works closely with end-user boatyards, industry organisations and regulators to ensure they are always developing the best products to enable their vision for cleaner seas, oceans and waterways.

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