Has your calibration certification expired? Is your oil in water monitor due its calibration?

We can help!

Our calibration and service exchange programs allow you to carry on with your shipping schedule without any interruption to service.

Return your unit to us for calibration or take part in our service exchange program.

As part of our calibration service, our engineers will, in most cases calibrate and return your unit with the relevant MPEC 107 (49) or MPEC 60 (33) within one working day of receiving your unit.

We will also fault find and report on any suggested repairs that prevent calibration, supplying a full quotation before any works commence.

Our service exchange program offers you a newly calibrated monitor, complete with the relevant MPEC certification. In some cases, we can have the monitor in transit within 24 hours of reporting a problem.

You then return your faulty monitor to us after receiving your service exchange unit. Meaning you can remain operational and at sea.

Please complete the form below to return your monitor

Deckma Hamburg Unit Return Guidelines

Please note AtZ are only authorised to calibrate and or repair Deckma Hamburg equipment. Therefore, if your unit is not Deckma, please do not complete this form and please do not send us a return.

If you have a unit that is not manufactured by Deckma Hamburg, please contact us below for further advice. 

*The cost of a Service Exchange unit includes a deposit to ensure the return of a suitable unit for future use. To qualify for a full refund of this deposit, the following guidance should be noted.

To start your return, please read the instructions below and complete and submit the return form.

Return Details

Your Deckma equipment should be returned along with your order number, a copy of the completed return form and vessel references.

All returns should be sent to:

AtZ Marine Deckma Service
MIT Queenborough Shipyard
South Street
Queenborough, Kent, ME11

Return Date

Cells must be returned within 30 days of dispatch of the outgoing exchange unit. Per exchange terms, credit will be deducted for late return until the core charge is exhausted.

Shipping charges, duties and fees

Cells should be return with terms DDP to the AtZ workshop in the UK. Any fees or duties passed by couriers or customs will be deducted from the service exchange deposit. Returned cells should not be declared as new items with full retail values – we suggest a nominal value of 100USD for customs purposes.

Operating condition

The cell should be functional and read 0ppm when tested with fresh water. Cells requiring significant cleaning or a repair to achieve a 0ppm reading will be liable for workshop labour deducted from the deposit.

Cosmetic condition

The cell serial number should be clearly visible. Tags with defaced, amended or missing markings will require repair.

Anti-tamper seals and stickers should be intact.

Minor wear and tear is acceptable, however bear in mind the good condition in which another customer will expect to receive an exchange unit. Significant corrosion, failure of metallic plating, physical damage to the housing, connectors, fittings or fasteners will mean repairs are chargeable and deducted from the deposit.

Thank you for your assistance – noting the above helps us to maintain a high quality and fast turnaround of your equipment.

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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