Customer Name: AW Ship Management ltd

Customer Contact: Panagiotis Tarnaris Senior Fleet Technical Superintendent

AtZ Contact: Clive Wilson Project Engineer

Name of Project: Hartland Point bilge water filtration upgrade

Location: Sea Mounting Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom

Initial Enquiry:  

AW Ship Management are the managers for four off Foreland Shipping RoRo vessels. As part of fleet upgrades, AW needed improvements in bilge water oil content levels to enable overboard discharge. With the existing arrangement, the onboard oil-water separators struggled to meet the 15ppm legislation requirement.  

Unable to discharge overboard the vessels have been pumping the bilge water contents shore side at great cost. 

ATZ Marine Technologies were approached as filtration and monitoring bilge water specialists to find a solution to this problem. 

bilge water filtration upgrade  

Project Objectives: 

Enable AW RoRo fleet to reduce bilge water oil content below 15ppm to allow overboard discharge. 

Ensure equipment specification and installation meet the approval of Lloyds classification society. 

Project Description:  

Before offering a solution ATZ attended one of the RoRo vessels to conduct a survey of the installation and assess the performance of the existing oily water separator filtration system. 

It was apparent that the existing system was unable to consistently meet the 15ppm oil content limits set by IMO legislation. 

As UK agents for Wave International filtration systems ATZ were able to propose and supply the class approved Wavestream filtration assembly to post-filter the existing oily water separator output. With an enviable fitted list and success rate, the system would be able to reduce the ppm count to below the required 15ppm limit. 

ATZ took responsibility for the design and installation of all associated pipework modifications, working with Lloyds classification society to ensure a class approved installation. 

All equipment was supplied and installed by ATZ. The end result is a reduction in bilge water oil ppm from more than 15ppm to less than  5 ppm whilst maintaining a discharge flow rate of up to 3.5 m³/hr. 

bilge water filtration upgrade  bilge water filtration upgrade  


The filtration upgrade successfully reduced bilge water discharge oil ppm within legislation limits 

The equipment and installation are Lloyds class approved. 

Hartland Point is now able to discharge bilge water overboard enabling significant cost savings for AW Ship Management 

Further Requirements: 

ATZ will be contracted by AW Ship Management to conduct the same upgrade on the rest of the Foreland Shipping Roro fleet.  

To discuss your bilge water needs, contact us today. 

Case study with thanks to AW Ship Management and Foreland Shipping

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