Date of project: October 2014
Key objectives: Solve leak on oil lubricated stern-tube seal
Project location: UK
Key barriers/issues: Time restraints to solve oil leak prior to mission deployment
Key achievements: On time and successful application of ABCON® Stop Leak product resulting in a fast solution to the reported issue.

Project description

A Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel was ordered to Sierra Leone as part of the UK Government’s emergency response to the Ebola outbreak in that region. Prior to sailing it was discovered that one of the two propeller shafts had a small but identifyable oil leak on the seaward side of the shaft. AtZ Marine Technologies Ltd was asked to provide a a ‘quick fix’ solution as there was no time to dry-dock the vessel.

AtZ Marine, shipped 100L of ABCON® Stern-tube Stop Leak product overnight from its stock in Southampton to the vessel’s base in Falmouth. The product was added to the shaft oil system resulting in a complete cessation of oil leakage within 24 hours. As a result the vessel was deployed to mission on time and spent 6 months off West Africa successfully establishing medical treatment centres in Ebola affected areas.

The vessel returned to the UK in April 2015.


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