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AtZ understands the importance of having your vessel at sea and the requirement for ship owners and operators to seek independent vessel maintenance, docking or pre-purchase technical expertise.

On behalf of our customer, we can provide full and detailed condition assessment of a vessels propulsion systems and anti-pollution, oil monitoring equipment. This can help prevent unexpected downtime and expenditure.

Below is an extract of an example survey, in this instance we look at an oily water installation and bilge water cleaning proposal.

Oily water separation installation survey and system bilge water cleaning proposal.

TITLE:                                    Wavestream oily water separation installation survey and Wavestream system bilge water cleaning proposal.

AUTHOR:                             Clive Wilson – Project Engineer

VESSEL NAME:                  NA

VESSEL TYPE:                    Ro Ro Cargo

DATE:                                    27 February 2018 (revision 2)

LOCATION:                          NA

ENGINEER:                        Clive Wilson

CUSTOMER:                       NA



Four RoRo vessels had all recently had Oily water monitor upgrades.

Originally the vessels were fitted with Deckma OMD-21 monitors (approved to MEPC 60(33) rules), replaced for Deckma 2005 units (approved to MEPC 107(49) rules) and then replaced with the latest Deckma OMD-24 monitors (approved to MEPC 107(49) rules.)

It should be noted that monitors to MEPC 107(49) have the technology to measure a wider range of hydrocarbon-based sources including gas oil, a wide range of lub oils, heavy fuel oil and solid particulates. Monitors to MEPC 60(33) can monitor gas oil and a more limited range of lub oils.

The vessels are now experiencing the recording of higher ppm levels that, above 15ppm, prevent overboard discharge according to IMO rules.

This is a common and known issue to ATZ and is essentially the inability of the MEPC 60(33) separators (as fitted to the vessels) to meet the latest rules classification of what can be discharged overboard. Without changing the separators themselves the solution is to fit a bilge water polishing system – the Wavestream System 3. is to fit a bilge water polishing system – the Wavestream System 3.

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