We understand that managing a large and often complex array of technical equipment while minimising downtime and costs can be challenging.
AtZ has a wide range of experience across the main propulsion and auxiliary equipment found on a multitude of different vessels. Always looking to assist our customers, where they have sought advice or support, we have developed solutions.
Over time, we have built up a wide supplier network that we are happy to invite our customers to benefit from. Whether a single separator part, or fleet management of a spares programme – we can provide the spares that you require.

Trusted Network

Via our trusted network of manufacturers, we are able to supply a comprehensive list of spare parts and oil, air and fuel filters. This includes equipment spares such as coalescer material, coalescer spares and filters for oil, air and fuel.


AtZ can assist you in sourcing both genuine and compatible aftermarket spares, and provide a wide range of compatible spare parts and replacement elements for systems including:

  • Fuel and Lubricating Oil Filtering equipment
  • Coalescer units
  • Auxiliary and Diesel generator filter elements
  • Hydraulic systems, including thrusters, CPP systems and Steering gear etc.
  • Refrigeration and air compressors
  • Ultrasonic cleaning unit supply
  • Lubricating oil centrifugal filters.

Our specialised knowledge of marine filtration and anti-pollution systems allows us to support a huge range of equipment and applications. We can support your need to keep equipment downtime to a minimum while offering operating cost and risk reduction.


Are the parts you supply from the original maker?

This depends on your request – we can provide OEM manufactured spares or compatible aftermarket products with equivalent specifications. Please get in touch to let us know what you are looking for.

Does installation of aftermarket parts affect approvals or warranty?

In our experience if the equipment is operating within original parameters and with equivalent or superior specification components, there should be no issue with system approvals. OEMs will always prefer that you buy their own products, but only if a system failure can be linked directly to an aftermarket part should impact any warranty claim. Should you require additional documentation for your parts or would like to discuss the various parts available for your equipment, please get in touch.

How long does installation take, would I need an engineer to attend?

Most of the spares that we provide are consumable items, and as such can be maintained in service operation. This is usually well documented within the equipment manuals and can be completed by competent crew.
If you require more involved support with your equipment, please get in touch so that we can best understand your issues and support their resolution soonest.

Your Industry Is Our Industry

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Our team of technical experts offer industry-leading consultation services, equipment sales and support and with a wealth of project management and technical experience, we plan and deliver. We work with you to ensure a smooth project from design specification to onsite installation. Our impartial guidance and multi-supplier approach mean we are focused on finding you the best solution meaning you can be confident in both our services and products.

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