The ferry industry is truly global and is central to the fast and efficient movement of goods and passengers around the world. Crossing short and long stretches of water between towns, countries and continents every single day and hour of the year, vessel availability must be maximised while minimising unexpected costs.

With tight call schedules and varied routes, reliable operation is key to maintaining successful operations.

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Ferries are varied and sophisticated high value assets with a significant amount of technology. Speed ranges from around 10 knots to in excess of 50 knots meaning a variety of propulsion systems from Voith-Schneider to propeller and jet systems, coupled with thrusters and stabilisers.

Within the ferry market, vessels are designed with a combination of passenger comfort and vehicle capacity in mind, suiting the route operated.

What can the ATZ Project team provide your vessels working within the ferry industry?

  • Consultative Technical and Project Management services for maintenance or drydock
    • Problem solving, customs solutions, engineering and project management
Examples include:
  • Upgrading your bilge separator and filtration capabilities
  • Planning maintenance programmes
  • Overseeing and supervising propulsion and engineering works

What spares and services can AtZ deliver to support you?

  • Propulsion spares and service with our partner AEGIR-Marine
    • Stern tube seals, service and retrofits
    • Rudder seals, bearings and service
    • CPP systems
    • Thrusters 
    • Steering Gear
    • Stabilisers
    • Control systems
  • Oil system stop leak and maintenance additives
  • Bilge water monitoring and filtration
  • Composite bearings for propeller shafts, rudder stocks and other wear bushes or blocks
  • White metal bearings for line shaft bearings and propeller shafts
  • Oily water separator, engine and other auxiliary machinery filter and spares


We are on a very tight turnaround schedule, and have limited time to complete any works – how can you help?

AtZ are used to dealing with tight timeframes and as such can plan to make the most of the time available. If you can share with us your requirements, we can look at your schedule together and advise where and when work could be completed in service.

We spend time operating in silty waters, and find our stern seals wear quickly and are costly to replace – do you have any suggestions?

We have a very specific set of skills around the design and maintenance of stern tube seals and are experienced in their upgrade and retrofit. We believe that water conditioning or change to a flushing air or water seal design, will help. If you can contact us with some specific information, we can help propose the options available to you.

We are unsure as to whether there may be a leak on one of our main shaft seals, but we are not planning to dock for another 3 years – what are the alternatives?

AtZ are experienced in managing maintenance within port stops and coordinating dive inspections and repair. It could be possible to repair or replace the faulty components in service. We can also offer system stop-leak products which may allow you to continue operations and manage any issues until your planned dry dock. At this time, we can also assist with spares and service report for you.

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