The offshore industry with supporting equipment in rigs and vessels is truly global and remains central to energy and petrochemicals industry. Availability – uptime and reliability are crucial in maintaining flow of supplies as consequential losses resulting from stopped production mount quickly.
With varied operations ranging from diving, pipe laying, static and mobile rigs and platforms – propulsion and ancillary equipment vary widely.

Offshore and petrochemical installations and vessels are varied and sophisticated high value assets. Differing requirements for manoeuvring, static positioning and varied depth operations all contribute to a multitude of technical and maintenance requirements.

Increasing investments in renewable areas and offshore industries in recent times have boosted requirements for offshore equipment and support vessels. Offshore vessels are designed with the transport of goods and personnel to offshore platforms operating deep within the oceans and range from 20 to around 100m in length. 

Demand for support and maintenance of such vessels and equipment follows the general market trend for growth. Technological breakthroughs in both traditional petrochemical and renewable applications mean this is an area of particular interest for technical solutions and maintenance support from AtZ.

Within the offshore segment, while applications vary significantly, AtZ have worked on a wide range of equipment and are able to offer the help in expertise, parts and service you require.

What can the ATZ Project team provide your vessels working within the offshore industry?

  • Consultative Technical and Project Management services for maintenance or drydock
    • Problem solving, customs solutions, engineering and project management
Examples include:
  • Upgrading your bilge separator and filtration capabilities
  • Planning maintenance programmes
  • Overseeing and supervising propulsion and engineering works

What spares and services can AtZ deliver to support you?

  • Propulsion spares and service with our partner AEGIR-Marine
    • Stern tube seals, service and retrofits
    • Rudder seals, bearings and service
    • CPP systems
    • Thrusters 
    • Steering Gear
    • Control systems
  • Oil system stop leak and maintenance additives
  • Bilge water monitoring and filtration
  • Composite bearings for propeller shafts, rudder stocks and other wear bushes or blocks
  • White metal bearings for line shaft bearings and propeller shafts
  • Oily water separator, engine and other auxiliary machinery filter and spares

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