The Marine Research sector continues to grow as the need to chart, understand and explore our oceans and subsea terrain increases. Monitoring changes in our environment to understand the impact of climate change is a focus area, and work will often take place in sensitive environmental areas.
Within this sector, environmental credentials are particularly important as well as the technical capabilities to provide high resolution data through sophisticated propulsion positioning systems and telecommunications.

Some of the key activities carrier out by vessels in the research sector include:

  • Seismic Surveys (carried out by Seismic Vessel)
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Oceanographic Research
  • Polar Research
  • Fisheries Research
  • Naval/Defence Research
  • Oil Exploration

With frequent operations in polar and coastal environments, a requirement for water lubricated propulsion is often expected. Typically, vessels will have water lubricated shaft lines with composite bearings meaning zero risk of any hydrocarbon (even EAL type) leaking into the ocean. Furthermore, operation in a polar environment means the vessel must be capable in ice fields – which requires additional strengthening of the ship structure to break through the frozen seas. 

When sailing through ice, the regular impacts on the vessel give high shock load accelerations – for which the propulsion system needs to be prepared. The composite type bearings used in water lubricated shaft line applications are far more robust in such shock applications than their oil-lubricated white metal bearing alternatives.

What can the ATZ Project team provide your vessels working within the marine military sector?

  • Consultative Technical and Project Management services for maintenance or drydock
    • Problem solving, customs solutions, engineering and project management

Examples include:

  • Upgrading your bilge separator and filtration capabilities
  • Planning maintenance programs
  • Overseeing and supervising propulsion and engineering works

What spares and services can AtZ deliver to support you?

  • Propulsion spares and service with our partner AEGIR-Marine
    • Stern tube seals, service and retrofits
    • Rudder seals, bearings and service
    • CPP systems
    • Thrusters 
    • Steering Gear
    • Stabilisers
    • Control systems
  • Oil system stop leak and maintenance additives
  • Bilge water monitoring and filtration
  • Composite bearings for propeller shafts, rudder stocks and other wear bushes or blocks
  • White metal bearings for line shaft bearings and propeller shafts
  • Oily water separator, engine and other auxiliary machinery filter and spares

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