Bilge Water monitoring legislation

It recently came to light during equipment inspections undertaken by the United States Coast Guard, that some vessels with older installed equipment failed to meet data storage requirements of MEPC.107(49). 

Such was the seriousness of the issue that a safety notice was issued to heighten awareness of their findings – it can be read HERE

It was found that failure of a backup battery in some models was leading to the corruption and loss of stored data within the unit. 

The IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49) requires the 15ppm bilge monitors (oil content meters) to store data for a minimum of 18 months. Furthermore, the data should be available to view or print at the time of an official inspection. 

Protection of our environment and compliance in full with relevant legislation is paramount for both owners and operators, and an area in which AtZ are experts. 

AtZ is the official representative of Deckma Hamburg bilge monitoring equipment, offering the highest levels of performance and service to end-users.

Deckma Hamburg bilge monitors provide full compliance and peace of mind to users with industry-leading standards.

Deckma Hamburg bilge monitor computers feature: 

Non-volatile data storage, such that in the event of total power loss or irreparable damage to the unit, data remains recoverable to assure continued compliance. bilge water monitoring

An internal battery with a design life in excess of 60 years, confidently provides power for the lifetime of the equipment. 

Replaceable memory storage cards, allowing removal and remote storage of data. 

Optional data card readers, enabling download and backup of data. 

The latest in anti-tamper, anti-defeat technology further protecting your vessels from both unintentional or malicious manipulation to circumvent the discharge restrictions. 

Self-cleaning and instrument maintenance technology, maximising accuracy and reducing necessary maintenance. 

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