Bilge Water Filtration

Based in the UK, Wave International designs and manufactures a complete range of marine systems such as bilge filters and grey water systems to suit a variety of leisure and commercial applications. Products are supplied worldwide and as an official distributor, AtZ can provide you with the technical guidance and solutions that you require.

The Wavestream system range is intended to support cleaner seas in all leisure and commercial shipping pumping operations. IMO regulations require no more than 15 or 5ppm oil in bilge water discharge is permitted, with 1 drop of oil in 0.5 litres of water is approximately 40ppm.

Importantly, the filters also remove microplastics that are often found in bilge water.

Wavestream can be used in all types and size of craft, available in 4 sizes. Multiple cartridges and stainless-steel are systems also available. 

The Wavestream system is simply installed in the system after the bilge pump, ensuring that only clean, oil free water is discharged overboard.

Cartridge change out should be part of a regular maintenance schedule and changed regularly, or when discharge oil levels are seen to rise. 

Recommended pump head of 4 metres all systems.

Lloyds Register of Shipping Type Approved.


My separator is to IMO MEPC 60(33) but struggles to achieve 15ppm – how can you help?

We are experienced in the retrofit of Wavestream system filters as a post-process polishing stage for the discharge water. Addition of a series of filters adapted to the application can reduce your discharge oil content to below 15ppm for discharge.

How frequently will I need to change the cartridges?

The large system 3 cartridges can hold around 3 litres of pure oil before saturation. The time for the filter to become full will depend on the concentration and volume of water being processed. In typical installations, we see filters being changed every 6 or more months. We can assist in calculating lifetime if you get in touch with details of your system and current contamination output.

In a system installation do you recommend any pre-filtration?

Yes – we usually recommend including a 5 or 10micron pre-filter so that the oil removal filters are not wasted in use to remove any sediment. This also means that the pre-filter can be changed independently of the oil removal cartridges to maximise their processing life.

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