When it comes to technical services, it can be difficult to find the people, expertise and time to ensure your vessels are fully optimised.

At AtZ, that’s exactly what we specialise in. We can provide fully detailed assessments of your vessels and equipment; project manage your dry dock and specialise in creating preventative maintenance solutions for you.

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Service Contracts

Service Contracts

An uncalibrated or faulty oily water monitor can result in operational and unexpected downtime, along with substantial fines or impounding if discharge water contamination exceeds legal limits. 

With a wealth of Oily Water Separator (OWS) monitoring system experience, AtZ are able to fully manage your calibration schedule as well as manage complete system lifecycle through upgrades and extension measures. 

AtZ offer calibration services or annual calibration and maintenance contracts as a flexible, cost-saving option to ensure your systems continues to operate effectively and meets legislation at all times.

Dry Dock Services

Project Management & Dry Dock Services

AtZ understand docking is a significant part of ship maintenance. When operators or management companies lack the resources to manage work independently, we’re able to provide project management, technical support, supervision and expertise, supporting all dry dock activities.

field service repair

Field Service Installation and Repair

AtZ have a long history in the supply, maintenance and technical support of both white metal, composite stern tube bearings and rudder stock bearings and liners to commercial, cruise and military vessels.

We offer a full and comprehensive consultative service, ranging from technical specification and supply to onsite supervision of final machining and installation.

AtZ Marine Technologies

Propulsion Overhaul

Whether part of routine maintenance, emergency breakdown due to damage at sea or in any dock worldwide, our team can assist.

Not only is AtZ your propulsion service partner, we are also able to provide full project management of overhaul maintenance and supply a full and comprehensive stock of propulsion spare parts. AtZ are your full turnkey solution provider.

Our propulsion engineering services include inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul of FPP, CPP, thrusters, stabilisers, steering gear, shaft seals and stern tube bearings. We can also service, test, adjust and retrofit complete propulsion control systems.

AtZ also have an expert team of underwater repair engineers.

Propulsion Overhaul

Equipment Survey

AtZ understand the importance of having your vessel at sea and the requirement for ship owners and operators to seek independent vessel maintenance, docking or pre contract technical expertise.

On behalf of our customer, we can provide full and detailed condition assessment of a vessel’s propulsion systems and anti-pollution, oil monitoring equipment. This can help prevent unexpected down-time and expenditure.

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Our team of technical experts offer industry-leading consultation services, equipment sales and support and with a wealth of project management and technical experience, we plan and deliver. We work with you to ensure a smooth project from design specification to onsite installation. Our impartial guidance and multi-supplier approach mean we are focused on finding you the best solution meaning you can be confident in both our services and products.

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