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AtZ Marine Technologies Limited provides industry-leading dry dock planning, consultation, and project management services. We understand docking is a significant part of ship maintenance and repairs When operators or management companies lack the resources to manage work independently, we’re able to provide project management, technical support, supervision and expertise, supporting all dry dock activities.

Why use AtZ

  • Risk reduction
  • Cost savings
  • Alternative supply change options
  • Flexible expertise capacity for slower/busier times


Dry Dock

Wet Dock & Dry Dock Project Management

Project management in service, wet dock or dry dock.

Drydocking of a vessel can be the most considerable single expense an operator can expend on their ship or fleet. This sort of project takes significant time and planning, whether planned, for repair, upgrades or emergency docking. Dry dock planning can pull on a lot of internal resources, causing other projects or plans to be placed on hold, especially when unexpected.

AtZ can provide industry specialists who have extensive knowledge and managing dock preparation and project management and can oversee your dry dock from planning to completion, working within set budgets and timeframes, providing detailed and documented updates throughout the project.  Both pre-reports and post dock reports are supplied as standard ensuring the quality of our work.

Our project engineers can attend shipyards globally to assist with dry dock planning and dock preparation.

stern tune repair

Pre Service/Dock Project Management

We’ll arrange your dry docking plan for you.

  • Alternative supply sourcing and assessment
  • Parts and work scope definition
  • Detailed work planning, project software utilisation and reporting
  • Risk assessment and contingency planning (“what if” scenarios)
  • Classification society, dockyard and contractor liaison
  • Plan integration to overall dock plan
Equipment Survey

Post Service/Dock Project Management

Service/dock project management of propulsion, mechanical and fluid handling equipment

As sole UK and Eire suppliers of Aegir, Deckma Hamburg, we have extensive experience and product knowledge of propulsion equipment.

The blend of design, application and wide-ranging depth of experience across commercial and military applications within AtZ is unique. Our team draw on this experience to support our customers to great effect – yielding best results and customer satisfaction in our sector.

  • Propulsion Shaft lines
  • Thrusters and Stabilisers
  • Rudders and steering gear
  • Diesel generators
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Pipework and Filtration
  • Sea trial attendance – to ensure a seamless transition from maintenance to operation including commissioning support and crew handover as required.
  • Technical reporting – documenting all details of the project to provide an accurate record for future reference, as well as to highlight opportunities for future benefit.
  • Wash up and lessons learnt activities and feedback – with most projects and maintenance activities presenting some new challenges, working in close partnership with our customer we provide project and business feedback with a view to achieving further positive contribution to our customer’s operations.

marine surveys and consultations

Dry Dock Surveys and Consultations

On behalf of our customer, we can provide a full and detailed condition assessment of various vessel’s equipment and systems, and supporting technical knowledge, including:

  • Sterntube systems including white metal and composite bearings, shaft seals and shaft alignment
  • Propellors
  • Rudders and Steering Gear
  • Thrusters and Stabilisers
  • Control systems
  • Bilge water filtration
  • Bilge water monitoring and legislation

Dry Dock Services

Technical Services

Our technical experience allows us to best represent your organisation in both the preparation and execution of docking activities. Many of our projects will include close liaison with a wide range of other partners and suppliers on your behalf, allowing you to focus on business-critical activities.

Our team are able to support docking in locations around the world, and where appropriate, are able to recommend both OEM and alternative aftermarket solution providers. 

Recent docking works include Cruise, Naval and Bulk vessels within mainland Europe and the Far East.


We have only a short window for our forthcoming dry dock, and we are not sure whether we will need to withdraw the vessels tail shaft. Will this be necessary?

In short, perhaps. It will depend on the lubrication type, time since last removed and any Class requirements.
Part of our project management activity is to collate all historical information as well as Classification Society conditions and requirements. By engaging our services, we will judge what activities or inspections are definitely or possibly required during the dock. We can liaise with the Classification Society on your behalf, and together develop a plan to complete all required works, as well as satisfy all Class requirements.

It is essential that out departure from dock is not delayed – how can we ensure this?

While nothing within a dock is certain, being well prepared for all potential problems that could be faced within the work scope will assist. Part of our management activity will be to gauge the risks for each piece of equipment within the scope, and identify mitigation actions. This could include doing some preparatory inspection before the dock, or ensuring that spare equipment or parts are on hand in the yard. We have a great deal of experience in minimising schedule risk – please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements to see how we could assist.

Why do we need to engage third party project support, when the yard is very capable at docking ships?

In our experience, yards have varied expertise and are not always familiar with specific pieces of equipment and technology on your vessel. They also have a priority to complete works quickly, freeing their dock and maximise their own revenues. Able to operate independently of both the vessel and yard, we take a balanced view on every situation, and represent best interests of our customer. Companies who have engaged our services usually find that the savings delivered on associated equipment supply, time and rectification costs for errors made without our help, far outweigh our costs – delivering a lower risk and cost docking.

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Our team of technical experts offer industry-leading consultation services, equipment sales and support and with a wealth of project management and technical experience, we plan and deliver. We work with you to ensure a smooth project from design specification to onsite installation. Our impartial guidance and multi-supplier approach mean we are focused on finding you the best solution meaning you can be confident in both our services and products.

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