Virtually every vessel system will have a variety of control and feedback systems. The most basic systems may only report operating status, but in more sophisticated cases regulation of propulsion systems, navigation and ship stability will have sophisticated automated components which are integral to performance and safety of the vessel.

In cases where support of the equipment is no longer available from the manufacturer, or an alternative to the OEM service providers is sought – AtZ can assist.

Propulsion Control Systems

Following increased demand from customers, AtZ along with AEGIR-Marine have been providing service and spare parts for propulsion control systems for more than five years with the help of other partners.

More recently, the decision was made to provide these services in-house and the AEGIR-Marine PRIME Controls Department was founded. Within this organisation, work a team of highly trained and experienced engineers with knowledge of all the major equipment manufacturers. Making use of these skills, we can perform service on all types of Propulsion control systems. 

AtZ and the AEGIR-Marine Controls department can offer:

  • Pre-dock inspection
  • After Dry-dock adjustment and fine tuning
  • Adjustment of Propulsion system settings during Sea trial
  • Customer support during FMEA proven trials
  • Onboard Fault Finding
  • Remote Assistance

Upgrade and Retrofit

Using this experience, we are also able to assist in the upgrade and retrofit of legacy platforms, which are no longer supported by the manufacturer. 

We offer a flexible and open automation, within which we can provide engineering automation systems. The system is built on recognised industrial standard equipment together with proven hardware and software components making it suitable for basic and complex applications including:

  • Alarm, monitoring and control systems (AMCS)
  • Alarm extension system/duty alarm system
  • Propulsion control systems for ship propulsion
  • Emergency order telegraph systems


Our vessel is getting old and we are no longer able to source parts for the stabiliser control system. We cannot justify a new system – what are our options?

We have experience in retrofitting controls to legacy systems. Assuming the mechanical and hydraulic elements of the system can be returned to serviceable condition, we could propose a retrofit of controls.
Please get in touch and we can arrange a consultation with one of our controls team.

Where are the controls team based?

In the Netherlands – but they are frequently flying all around the work to work on customer vessels.
Get in touch, and we will see how soon we can have an engineer with you.

How does the cost of a system upgrade compare to replacement?

Almost always – significantly less.
OEMs will generally propose a new and more costly system as they are simpler to install and support in the short to medium term for them.
Where it is possible to reuse some of the existing equipment and machinery, we will do so provided it does not compromise the performance or reliability of the finished system.
We understand the economics of spending a large sum of money on an older vessel, and in most cases there is insufficient service remaining to justify new systems.

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