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An uncalibrated or faulty oily water monitor can result in operational and unexpected downtime, along with substantial fines or impounding if discharge water contamination exceeds legal limits. 

With a wealth of Oily Water (OWM) monitoring system experience, AtZ is able to fully manage your calibration schedule as well as manage complete system lifecycle through upgrades and extension measures. 

We have a team of highly experienced technical engineers offering industry knowledge gained throughout their time at several multi-national marine propulsion design and service providers. We offer our services globally and support a multitude of customers from around the world.

AtZ offer calibration services and annual calibration and maintenance contracts as a flexible, cost-saving option to ensure your systems continues to operate effectively and meets legislation at all times.

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Why it is vital to ensure your oily water monitoring equipment is calibrated regularly?

IMO Legislation

The IMO states that no bilge water can be discharged into the sea that exceeds 15ppm. It is now mandatory that vessels over 400 gross tonnes (250 gross tonnes for oil tankers) must be fitted with oil in water monitoring devises to ensure these standards are met. 

How could this affect my business?

Failure to comply with IMO legislation pollutes the environment and can result in large fines, penalties and disruption to shipping schedules.

What steps should I take to remain compliant?

 Bilgewater monitoring equipment should be calibrated and checked for accuracy at regular intervals, not exceeding five years after its commissioning, or as per the manufacturer’s instruction, whichever is shorter.

  • Bilgewater monitoring equipment should be calibrated and checked for accuracy at regular intervals, not exceeding five years after its commissioning, or as per the manufacturer’s instruction, whichever is shorter. Alternatively, the unit may be replaced by a calibrated 15 ppm bilge alarm
  • The last calibration certificate is to be retained on board for inspection purposes 
  • Accurate records for oil discharge are to be kept on board
  • The crew must be able to demonstrate competence in operating the oil in water monitoring equipment
  • Have a calibration service contract in place to ensure your calibration schedules are managed sufficiently
  • Have access to a service exchange program, ensuring you always have access to a compliant bilge water monitor. 

Oily Water Monitor (OWS) Service Contract

A calibration service contract gives you complete peace of mind.

We manage your calibration schedule to current IMO legislation. It also ensures your vessels records are kept up to date and that no calibration intervals are missed, freeing expensive internal resource to focus on other tasks.

As part of our industry-leading service contract program, you also have access to our service exchange initiative, resulting in no downtime due to faulty or uncalibrated monitors.

All of our service contracts can be tailored to your individual needs.

Our service exchange program is available globally.


  • Compliance assured – your calibration schedule managed
  • Scheduled calibration and service inspection, ensuring reading accuracy 
  • Service exchange units, meaning no lengthy downtime 
  • Onsite engineer visits, no matter your vessel’s location
  • Budget control through fixed prices and reduced maintenance costs 
  • Priority response for service calls and spare parts 
  • Regular preventative maintenance.
Service Contracts

Replacement OWS Monitor & Service Exchange Program

In the event of a failed OWS monitor, could your business afford operational downtime? Another way AtZ can keep your business at sea is with our OWS Monitor Service Exchange programme. 

Should you encounter a problem, the AtZ Service Exchange programme could have a new monitor in transit to your vessel within 24 hours of you reporting the problem. Which means your vessel stays at sea whilst ensuring industry compliance. 

Then you simply return your faulty OWS monitor to our team for inspection and if viable, repair and recalibration.


  • Continuous availability for your OWS monitor, meaning no operational downtime 
  • Peace of mind should you encounter a fault
  • Your unit, stocked, ready for your call 
  • Same day despatch 
  • Priority response for service calls and spare parts.

Upgrade your Oil in Water Monitoring system

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing oily water monitoring system, or are looking for a complete new install, we have the solution!

Deckma-Hamburg has long been an industry leader in the provision of solutions for oil in water content measurement.

Both the OMD-24 and OMD-2008 Bilge Alarm Units have been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15 ppm oil-water separator units.

The unit has a specification and performance that exceeds the International Maritime Organization IMO specifications for 15 ppm Bilge Alarms. They can be programmed from the factory for 5 ppm use.


  • OEM supply
  • German design and manufacture
  • UK supply, support, calibration, installation and commissioning
  • Ease of Use
  • Exceeds IMO specifications
  • Common technology transferrable to multiple applications
  • Bespoke supply for a multitude of specifications for differing environments. All parts are included.

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To find out more about our range of service contracts or service exchange program, please complete the enquiry form.

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