Custom-made equipment, retrofit solutions and full-service for all types of naval vessels

Equipment Solutions

SH Defence is a global provider of custom-made equipment and retrofit solutions for all types of naval vessels, coastguard, icebreaker and research vessels.

  • Stern Doors
  • Hydraulic boat slipway/cradle
  • Rescue boats/Fast attack boats
  • Winches
  • Steering gear and controls
  • Hydraulic lifting decks
  • Cranes
  • Side doors/hatches
  • Davits
  • Launch and recovery systems for ROV/AUV/Drones
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Deck Equipment – Winches
  • Deck Equipment – Capstans
  • Gangways

The Cube

Warship today. Minesweeper tomorrow. Humanitarian aid vessel next week.

New cutting-edge equipment solution allows Navy and Coast Guard vessels to change purpose in less than 4 hours – without costly rebuilding between missions.

With The Cube™, modern naval vessel can adapt to different missions swiftly and efficiently, without a costly rebuild.

The Cube™ modular system is a flexible equipment solution that enables
vessels to act as a warship on one mission, minesweeper on another, a humanitarian aid vessel or any other configuration that the ship requires.

All that is required is a change of module to load onto the vessel. The module is fitted with the equipment needed for that specific mission. Once the ship is prepared for The Cube™, the possibilities are endless.

Engineering Excellence

With an in-house engineering department, with state-of-the-art design tools, modern production facilities and test grounds. A highly experienced workforce operates SH Defense with full security clearance.


A fully comprehensive service offering. SH Defence covering, parts, inspection, repair, overhaul and root cause analysis to multiple hydraulic and electric equipment. Addiotnaly SH Defense also offer pre-manufacturing services such as flushing and pressure testing of pipes and hoses, valve overhaul, in-situ machining, laser measurement and alignment.


Founded in 1974, SH Defence currently employs about 350 qualified employees at the headquarters in Denmark.

Your Industry Is Our Industry

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Our team of technical experts offer industry-leading consultation services, equipment sales and support and with a wealth of project management and technical experience, we plan and deliver. We work with you to ensure a smooth project from design specification to onsite installation. Our impartial guidance and multi-supplier approach mean we are focused on finding you the best solution meaning you can be confident in both our services and products.

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