Deckma Hamburg

The full range of oil-in-water monitors from AtZ – the UK’s official supplier.


Service & supply of spares for all makes of stern tube seals and thrusters.


We stock the full range of Wavestream oil from water filters.


The full range of latest Tribomar oil management solutions.


Additives that stop leaking stern tube seals, thrusters & hydraulic systems.

ACM Composites

Bearings for various applications above and below the water line.


Specialised marine equipment – supplied, fitted and serviced by experts.

Complete overhaul service for all makes of CPP, bow thrusters and stabilisers. Find out more here
We have 20 years experience at the forefront of the oil in water monitoring sector. Find out more here
Our lube oil temperature monitors provide more accurate measurement than traditional oil mist detectors. Find out more here
We achieve optimum shaft loading to avoid edge loading and/or shaft whirling. Find out more here
Oil and water lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings up to 1500mm shaft diameter. Find out more here
High quality supply and service for all makes of stern tube seals and thrusters. Find out more here
Underwater repairs for all makes stern tube seals, thrusters, propellers and stabilisers on a 24/7 worldwide basis. Find out more here

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